How Many Hemp Farms are in Tennessee?

After 3 years of trial and error in Tennessee (see chart below,) local farmers have learned hard and good lessons along the way. Thanks to the remarkable support from the local communities, legislatures, cities, towns and counties. Big tip of the hemp hat to the TDA for extending the licensing period to June 1st, 2018. That's only 9 working days (hello, Memorial Day!)

To know is to overcome. Together, Tennessee can make a comeback in 2018.

How Many Hemp Farms are in Tennessee?

Please share and care with your local Tennessee farmers.


When delays began in Tennessee in 2013, we began to work with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. In that time, we've been able to grow and harvest over 250,000 hemp plants and develop high quality hearty flowering CBD strains. The T1.


In 2018 with the passage of legitimate hemp laws, Tennessee Hemp Clones began offering our experience and high quality hemp clones (our roots) to local Tennessee Hemp Farmers.


There's about 99 ways to go wrong with hemp and a few ways to go just right.

Working with mother nature and multiple state laws, we've been able to cultivate very reliable resilient high percentage CBD strains. Introducing limited availability T1!

Best of all - we can do it for you. Tennessee Hemp Clones provides high CBD clones and access to a developed national network for local Tennessee Hemp Farmers with dry weight buyback options.

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