Hemp Market Trends Report: 2018

Total sales of hemp based products have seen explosive growth as entrepreneurs, farmers and corporations learn more about the benefits and applications of hemp products and solutions.

A Great Year for Hemp!

USA vs Canadian Hemp Cultivators

For the 1st time in almost a century, American farmers have outpaced our northern trading partners.

  • Canada planted roughly 41,000 acres of hemp in 2018.

  • American farmers planted roughly 79,000.

  • Continued growth is expected after passage of Farm Bill.

Projected CBD sales in USA:

  • 2019: $813,000,000

  • 2020: $1,153,000,000

  • 2021: $1,546,000,000

  • 2022: $1,800,000,000

How many acres does America have of hemp? Want to join the hemp markets today?

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Stay hempy, America!

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